Fitness & Health coaching in London, Essex for sale

Fitness & Health coaching

Hello beautiful people.
I would like to share my life experiance with all of you if you need it.
I have the Level 2 Gym Instructor YMCA take it from Colchester Institute in Essex from 2012.
Mi idea is to get deep in the client life and helping and controling everything they do (into the health & fitness way) for amazing result guaranteed.
I gonna be from going inside your fridge to be training together in the best leisure centre Better gym around London.
I have also experiance with life coaching with broken couple. The best experiance is the one life show me & I will be happy of sharing it with all.
Thank you for your time & be in touch for more info.
Love you all.
Angel Maiorana.
The prices are £40 por hour or 3 hours £100.