Zender 7 Octave mini overstrung/underdamped upright, reconditioned, with 3-year guarantee in London, Essex for sale

Zender 7 Octave mini overstrung/underdamped upright,

A small piano which has has been totally restored, and is in mint condition.
This compact Zender upright is overstrung and underdamped, which means
it will take a student through all of the grades. Equally it would suit a professional.
The compact bright mahogany case measures 132cm wide by 102cm high by 48cm deep, but the sound is that of a larger instrument. It has the full 7 octaves. Tuned to concert pitch.
The action has been completely overhauled and regulated to ensure the touch is even, up-and-down the keyboard. Attention has also been given to the soundboard, bridges and pedal system.
The spruce soundboard makes for an exceptionally rich bass.
There are 3 years left on the guarantee (parts and labour). I am in contact with movers who will deliver it to a London address for £70, and who will give it a free tuning after delivery.
Please phone Christopher on 020 8453 0148 for more details and/or to view. (I prefer a phone call to an email, but email me if you wish.